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August 7, 2017
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August 7, 2017
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14 Tips to Get Through the Hardest Days When Quitting Smoking



Quitting smoking can be tough with some days harder than others. Here are 14 proven ways to make the process a lot easier…

1. Sip cold water and eat small meals

Sipping cold water through a straw can replace the act of sucking on a cigarette, research shows that this act can release dopamine. Eating small meals can also help with urges to smoke.

2. Note instant rewards

It doesn’t take long to feel and see the benefits from not smoking, you don’t smell, your energy levels improve, you feel in control etc. Write down the ones that resonate best with you. Keep these in mind often, especially when you get the urge to smoke.

3. Brush your teeth often

If you brush often, you are less inclined to smoke because you don’t want that foul smell in your fresh, clean mouth.

4. Avoid alcohol

It’s so common for people to start smoking when drinking even non-smokers because alcohol breaks down that self-restraint and commitment to quitting you usually have when sober. Many smokers also associate smoking with drinking.

5. Find your own no-smoking zones

When you get the urge to smoke, going to public places where you can’t smoke will help. This can also distract you from smoking.

6. Remember your reasons for quitting

Remember your reasons for quitting often, keep them in mind and keep reminding yourself especially when you get the urge to smoke.

7. Exercise every day

Exercise can distract you from your cravings, relax your mood, and ease your stress. You would be less inclined to smoke after a workout too.

8. Keep busy

Stay busy especially in the early days to distract yourself from smoking. This could be doing chores, reading, meeting friends and family.

9. Put something else in your mouth

Having something in your mouth partly creates an urge to smoke. Put something else in your mouth to replace a cigarette.

10. Support

Have someone ready who you can give a call if you need extra support. This could be a friend who has quit already or a local health service that offers a free support service to help people quit.

11. Be self-aware

Stress, anger, and frustration can really drive people to start smoking again. Be aware of this in advance so you can handle these situations when they occur. Find a way to distract yourself, keep in mind your reasons for not smoking, intense exercise will help get these emotions out of your system too.

12. Avoid negative people

Some of your friends and family may get jealous of you quitting and try to make you smoke. Or tell you you can’t quit. Avoid these people especially in the early days of quitting.

13. Be patient and stay on track

Take it one day at a time, baby steps if you need to. If you do go off track, remember what did go well rather than didn’t. Learn from the failure and how you can better handle it next time.

14. Don’t push fate

Don’t keep cigarettes close by, throw them away. You will be less inclined to smoke if you have to pay for more and if cigarettes aren’t easily accessible.

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