10 Reasons Why You Find it So Hard to Quit Smoking



Many people find it so hard to quit smoking, but it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s actually easier to quit smoking than most people think it is.

Here are 10 common reasons why people find it hard to quit smoking and how you can look at them from another perspective to make it easier to quit, and stay quit.

1) You like smoking and start feeling deprived if you don’t smoke. When you look at how smoking really is, you can see that this belief is bogus. Why? Because remember when you first smoked a cigarette?… how foul did it taste? Not to mention the obvious health implications and inconveniences caused by smoking. And the amount of money you waste on it.

2) You feel you need to smoke to relieve stress. Smoking actually increases stress because it raises your blood pressure and affects your ability to breathe easily.

3) You need to feed a nicotine addiction. Remember all the times you didn’t smoke and coped ok without any withdrawal symptoms. Nicotine only stays in the body 48 hours after your last cigarette, so it’s not long to go before nicotine won’t be an issue.

4) You believe it is hard to quit smoking. If you think something is hard, you procrastinate and become fearful of doing it. Which means less attempts to quit smoking and less persistence, leading to a higher chance of failure. This re-enforces the idea that it is hard, and like a self-fulfilling prophecy… you keep failing. When you believe something is easy, you are more motivated to do it and succeed.

5) You lack the willpower to quit. I know it’s obvious, but this crucial element still gets overlooked. To be able to quit, you must REALLY want to quit. A few good reasons that really drive you to want to quit will help here. Make sure you always keep thinking of why it would be better not to smoke. Many people don’t realize that they are still thinking of all the reasons why they want to smoke more… this won’t help, and will result in half-hearted attempts to quit.

6) You have strong reasons to keep smoking. A common one is you will gain weight when you quit smoking. Some studies say you will gain 5-7 pounds when you quit. Other studies say won’t gain any weight. If you focus on not substituting food for cigarettes, keeping a healthy diet, and taking regular exercise, you shouldn’t gain weight. If you do, it’s a small price to pay for being free of a deadly habit.

7) Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of quitting smoking.You focus too much on the past and get overwhelmed with the idea of not smoking after all the years of smoking. In this case, take baby steps, take each day at a time, and focus on that alone.

8) Listening to negative people. Negative people can drag you down… people who say you can’t quit, or it will be hard. Ignore these people and focus on why you can do it. Just because they can’t quit doesn’t mean you can’t.

9) Not knowing how to quit smoking. Most people get advice from the wrong place, or people to quit smoking. This can mislead you and make quitting smoking harder than it needs to be. Aids like e-cigarettes and nicotine patches can prolong the nicotine addiction and create new habits… using e-cigarettes keeps that hand to mouth habit going. You need to change your habitual thinking and behaviours around smoking, quitting, and staying quit… so focus more on the mindset.

10) You still feel the need to smoke certain situations and social settings. With friends that smoke, at parties, after a meal, with alcohol, with a coffee. Ask yourself… do you really need to smoke in these situations? You coped fine before you started smoking. Just keep in mind the reasons why you don’t need to smoke, and how much better off you will be for not smoking.

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