Law of attraction


The law of attraction

Have you ever seen electricity?
Off course not, neither did I, but we are both sure that it exists. This means that many things exist even though we can’t see them. The reason we are sure those things exist is that we feel their effects.

One of those things that exist without being seen is the law of attraction. The law of attraction is one of the laws that can be affecting your life greatly without you being aware of its existence.

What is the law of attraction?

The law of attraction states that you can attract whatever you think of, whatever you focus on, whether its good or bad.

But how does the law of attraction work?
Simply the energy that comes out of your mind while thinking matches the energy of that thing you were thinking about and so you get attracted to each other.

This is the origin of the phrase “you get what you focus on” which explains the phenomenon of always encountering the things that you think about.

I am sure that you are now telling yourself that you thought about lots of things yet never managed to attract them to you. The problem is that you didn’t follow the main rule for the law of attraction which is thinking about what you want to get and not thinking about what you want to avoid.

In simple words if you thought about wanting not to be afraid you will become more afraid simply because your mind will attract the fear you thought about. Instead you should think of courage if you want the law of attraction to work for you.

Another example is thinking about not wanting to be poor instead of thinking about wanting to be rich. That’s the idea of the law of attraction, you should think about what you want to attract instead of thinking about what you want to avoid.

Whatever you visualize in your mind or think about is considered an order sent directly to your subconscious mind. Now if the order was negative then the subconscious mind will still execute it.

the law of attraction in our daily lives

If you still think that this is not true then just take a look at those few examples that you may have experienced in your daily life.

  • Thinking about someone and then few moments later you find them calling you even though this didn’t happen since a long while.
  • Thinking about wanting to overcome your lack of ability to sleep well and so you stay awake.
  • Making some new friends and after you know each other better you find that you have common hobbies or interests
  • Receiving a critical comment and then remembering all of the critical comments you have received concerning the same topic

Relationships and law of attraction

The law of attraction can even help you with your relationships. By properly applying the law of attraction to your social life you can increase your chances of attracting someone that you like.

So how to use the law of attraction?

In order to best use the law of attraction you must focus on what you want all the time, think of it often and visualize it whenever you have a chance.

Keep repeating this step until it turns into a habit. Once you manage to do so at least once a week you will be applying the law of attraction properly.

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