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April 23, 2019
April 24, 2019
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Key to success


The key to success

What is the key to success?
And why do some people become successful while others don’t?

Before you can understand how you can be successful in this world you need to know how the world works.

The world we live in is a bit strange. An amazing idea could be rejected by the majority of people only to become a great success after its implementation. This happened with the personal computer you are using now!

An amazing person can get rejected many times only to prove those who rejected him wrong later on.

Most People don’t believe in anything before they see results. Lets suppose that you had a brilliant business idea, most probably people will keep putting you down until they see you successful.

Many of the famous brands you know about today were rejected earlier before those brands came to life. Apple, KFC, Disney, Honda are all examples of brands that weren’t going to come to life if the ones behind them weren’t persistent enough to keep going in the face of rejections.

Amazing people get rejected

Even extreemly popular names such as Albert Einstein, Warren buffet, Beethoven and many others were going to be unknown people if they didn’t persist enough. Beethoven was told that he will never become a good composer, Einstein was thought to be a dumb child and Warren buffet was told that he can’t succeed at the investing career!

If this can tell you anything about the world it would be that rejections has nothing to do with being good or bad but its just the way the world works.

Ask any successful person about his success story and you will hear the same exact story that every successful person repeats.

The successful person will say: In the beginning i was rejected, i kept trying but no one believed in me, i decided to force my way and to put my effort in what i believe in and eventually i proved people wrong. 

The funny thing is that after you succeed all the people who told you earlier that you won’t make it suddenly change their minds and tell you that they used to believe in you!!

How to be successful in such a world?

The next time someone rejects you or tells you that you can’t do something know that you moved passed the first step towards success. Keep going forward in the face of rejections and you will prove yourself right one day.

In other words, rejections are the first step towards success!
now most people don’t become successful because they stop as soon as they start getting rejections.

if you understood how this world works then know that you have found the key to success.
the world is full of jerks who will reject you. Stop trying and you will become the real jerk , keep going and you will let them know one day that they are jerks.

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