Is It True That Reading Can Make Your Brain Work Better and Faster?



When it comes to the way in which the brain functions, people have made up many stories. Some myths even contradict each other, giving people the impression that indeed the brain is one of the most mysterious organs from the human body. The most intriguing thing for most persons is how that there are people who have increased IQ, while others are only capable of learning a limited number of things.

A very good explanation for the above mentioned dilemma is the fact that there are people who use their brain very much and thus force it to continuously develop and there are others which do not put their brain to work, thus having limited intellectual capacity. Just like a muscle, the more you use the brain, the better it becomes. Thus, the amount of time studying counts very much in the further development of the human brain. What is even more interesting is that, unlike muscles, which tend to get weaker as you grow old, the brain can function very well and acquire information even at older ages.

Reading is one of the processes which deeply stimulates the brain. This is mainly because when reading, the brain is constantly put in front of new, and sometimes unexpected, situations to which it has to get used rapidly. Also, there are many connections which need to be made in order to understand a book and its message and most of the times previous knowledge about the world is necessary to decipher the hidden meanings of the book and its symbols, if there are any. Thus, several parts of the brain are used in order to process the message correctly, fact which enables it to train and further expand its abilities.

Thus, those who want to increase their IQ should start reading more. It is highly important that the brain should always have something to do and never waste any of the time which can be used for training. The more you put your brain to work, the better it will function and the more rapidly will acquire any type of information. has recently released a  book Awaken Your Photographic Memory  the book that will help you to  Unlock Your Mind’s Amazing Natural Ability To Achieve A Photographic Memory Using a Simple Fool-Proof Method and Awaken Your Photographic Memory book is a 100% guarantee that you will Achieve A Photographic Memory else  you will be refunded.


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