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May 12, 2019
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May 12, 2019
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What is insomnia??

Insomnia is a disorder that results in preventing you from sleeping or in having a poor quality sleep (waking up many times during the night, waking up feeling that you are still tired or waking up so early).

Insomnia is divided into two types primary Insomnia and secondary Insomnia. Primary insomnia is the case where insomnia is not caused by any other mental or physical health problem while secondary insomnia is the case where insomnia is a direct result of some other problem like depression or anxiety.

Insomnia can affect your physical and mental health badly. Your sleeping time is the time where your body repairs itself and releases many of the pressures it had been exposed to. If you were unable to sleep well then your body might not recover from damage and your health will deterioration.

People who don’t have enough sleep have problems concentrating, memorizing things or even remembering past events. In order to prevent all of these problems from happening you need to understand insomnia well in order to be able to deal with it.

What are the causes of insomnia?

The causes of insomnia could be:

  • A mental health problem like depression, anxiety or stress. It could also be the result of a physical health problem like being ill
  • disturbance in the internal biological clock. The biological clock could be disturbed by changing daylight saving time, traveling to another country where there is a time lag (jet lag) or working during the night. Any disturbance in your biological clock may affect your ability to sleep well
  • being worried about an upcoming event (for example, a job interview the next day)
  • Over eating just before going to sleep
  • smoking cigarettes or drinking caffeine containing drinks
  • being dehydrated can make you unable to sleep
  • insomnia could be inherited

Psychological causes for insomnia

Sometimes Insomnia becomes a self deception method that the mind uses in order to distract the person from a bitter reality.

The person who has doubts about his self confidence and who fears to work in order not to test his abilities might get insomnia.

Even though he wont be aware of any of these facts still his subconscious mind will setup everything that way in order to prevent him from testing his self worth.

How to deal with Insomnia

A big part of the insomnia cure is developing healthy habits and getting rid of the bad habits that were affecting your sleeping quality.

One example is the bad habit of keeping electrical devices turned on while you are asleep. It was found that electrical devices such as TV can disturb the signals of your brain and prevent you from sleeping well.

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