I dont know why i am sad



I dont know why i am sad

Lots of people send me mails telling me that they don’t know why they are feeling sad.

In this era, with the booming use of technology you can hardly find someone who doesn’t know how to operate the TV, use a cellphone or even drive a car but unfortunately there is one very important thing that we failed to understand well which is ourselves.

If you don’t know why you are feeling sad then put in mind that emotions are just signals sent to you by your mind in order to motivate you to take action.

Just like the car tells you that it needs fuel when its about to run out of it your mind has its own way of telling you about its needs (which is your emotions).

Why to do when you don’t know why you are sad

If you feel overwhelmed because you had piles of accumulated work to finish then you will feel good as soon as you start doing your work and not when you finish it.

This happens because the emotion your mind was sending you was just a signal that had the aim of motivating you. The same exactly goes for the bad mood that you don’t understand. When you don’t know why you are feeling bad then put in mind that your mind is trying to motivate you to do something.

As soon as you respond to your mind’s message your bad mood will ease because it will no longer be needed.

feeling bad and knowing the reason

Because many people have learned to ignore their bad moods and to avoid solving their problems they get buried in their subconscious mind.

The key to understand your bad moods and to know the real reason behind them lies in being brave enough to confront all the problems you have been trying to escape from. Try to bring your problems to your consciousness in order to understand them.

Most people try to keep themselves busy or to not think about their problems until they completely forget about them. The problem is that these problems never get forgotten by your subconscious mind but they just lie there and bother you every now and then in the form of a bad mood that you can’t understand.

suppressed emotions must leak out somehow

If you insisted on escaping from your problems and suppressing your emotions they will start to leak out on the form of bad dreams, bad feelings that you don’t understand or even depression that comes without a reason.

The best Way to get over a bad mood that you don’t understand is to find out your unsolved problems then start to solve them one by one until you get over them.

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