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May 2, 2017
How to attract someone you love
May 2, 2017
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how to make someone emotionally attached to you



How to make someone emotionally attached to you

The reason lots of people fail to attract the ones they want is that they have false beliefs about attraction. For example a girl might believe that she needs to look like a super model in order to attract a guy ,while in fact, people fall for people who are much less attractive than the ones they used to dream of.

The reason people settle for ordinary persons is that the process of attraction is governed by the subconscious mind which doesn’t always use logic to ignite emotions.

Some important Attraction principles

Below are some of the most important principles that governs attachment:

  • Attachment leads to attraction: Once someone gets used to a person or once a person believes that someone can help him meet some of his emotional needs he will become attached to him. If that other person didn’t show up as frequently as expected the attachment grows and might even turn into passion. As soon as you capture someone’s attention don’t always be available
  • Attachment happens if it’s not impossible: While some people fall in love with celebrities still the majority of people would never fall in love with a person whom they don’t interact with directly. This means that being available around the person you like would certainly trigger attachment provided that you act correctly whenever you are around him. Don’t confuse this with the previous point, you need to be available until attachment starts to happen and once you see that happening you need to be less available
  • Show off Indirectly: In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that people hate others who show off directly but they adore those who show off indirectly!! Try to tell the new people you just met that you have a great expensive car parking outside and see their reaction now compare this to putting your car keys on the table in front of them without talking about it. In the second case you will be regarded as more resourceful and you will earn higher status without being labeled showy. In short, help people discover good things about you without talking about them
  • Predictability kills passion: People get bored of the things they are familiar with because they can expect the next event before it happens. The same goes for predictable people, if everything you did was predictable and expected then people will get bored of you quickly. Instead try to confuse the person you like by sending mixed signals, that would be enough to let him think about you more often
  • Thinking leads to attachment: If you managed to occupy a part of the other person’s mind then most probably this will let him become attached to you over time. Its a game of attention, the more attention you get the more attached will the other person be

Human emotions can easily be manipulated

Humans are more emotional than rational. While many people might seem very rational to you still you can very easily manipulate their minds by just manipulating their emotions.

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