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How to increase the happiness hormone levels in your body


Serotonin the happiness hormone

Serotonin is widely known as the happiness hormone because it improves the mood, reduces mood swings and even prevents depression.

When you feel bad, down or sad then know that something happened to the happiness hormone levels inside your body. If you managed to reverse that change then you will certainly feel happy again.

There is certainly no doubt that knowing how to increase serotonin levels can help you live a better and a happier life. Of course increasing serotonin levels is not the solution to life problems but at least it can help you feel better while you work on a solution.

How to increase the happiness hormone levels in your body

The following tips can help you increase the serotonin levels naturally without the use of any drugs.

  • Increasing serotonin level – tip #1 – Eating carbohydrates: Eating carbohydrates, chocolate and sweets increases the level of serotonin in the blood. Note that sweets may have a limited effect (few hours) on your serotonin levels while the effect of carbohydrates lasts for longer periods of time. Don’t fall in the trap of emotional eating because some people gain weight only because they always seek food to lift their moods. These people usually put on weight for reasons that are not related to the love of food itself but rather due to their emotional problems. In my book The ultimate guide to weight loss I explained how depression, stress and anxiety can be the reason behind over eating so Don’t fall into this trap
  • Increasing serotonin level – tip #2 – Eating vitamins :vitamins like B and C play a role in serotonin production. make sure your diet includes these vitamins in order for your body to produce serotonin naturally.
  • Increasing serotonin level – tip #3 – Exercising : Exercising increases the natural levels of serotonin. If you don’t play any sport then its time to start for the sake of improving your mood
  • Increasing serotonin level – tip #4 – Getting exposed to sunlight : Getting exposed to sunlight is another natural method that can increase the production of serotonin. If you work night shifts make sure you get a short walk in the morning next day.
  • Increasing serotonin level – tip #5 – avoiding stress : The stress hormone destroys the happiness hormone. Few minutes of stress can ruin your whole day. Avoid stress at all costs
  • Increasing serotonin level – tip #6 – Drink less caffeine : caffeine can inhibit the release of serotonin. Try to reduce your caffeine intake.
  • Increasing serotonin level – tip #7 – Get a massage : Studies show that a massage can help you elevate your serotonin levels.

Serotonin doesn’t solve life problems

If you are always feeling down because you have a stressful job or because you have a certain life problem that you didn’t solve then even if you managed to increase your serotonin levels you will still feel bad as soon as you remember your problem.

If you are searching for a temporary mood fix then there is not other road you should take other than starting to work on your problems.

In other words don’t try to fix your pain for a short period of time without tackling the root causes else your pain will always return. I am not against using a pain killer by any means but i am totally against depending on the pain killer and forgetting about the real solution of your problems.

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