How to break up with someone you still love


How to break up with someone 

How to break up with someone you still love?
And how can you get over a breakup even though you still have emotions for someone?

Long ago i used to suffer for years after breakups until i got deep into psychology. Nowadays it takes me less than a week to get over the worst breakup ever even if i still loved the person i am breaking up with.

Since i used to be like you and i became resistant to breakups you can acquire the same resilience exactly as soon as you acquire the knowledge i currently posses. In this article i will tell you how to break up with someone you still love and how to recover quickly from the breakup.

Breaking up with someone you still love

The difference between those who recover from breakups in days and those who take years to recover is their belief system. If you managed to change some of your beliefs about breakups by knowing some solid facts then you will have no problems in breaking up with someone you love. Generally those who recover from breakups quickly are the ones who:

  • Know the truth about love: Love is the feeling you get when you meet someone who appears to be able to satisfy your psychological unmet needs. Of course you might have never been aware of this fact before reading that article (everything used to happen on the subconscious level). You might fall in love with someone to feel confident, to show off, to feel worthy, to get some attention or to compensate for certain weakness. Once you understand this fact you will be able to break up with the person very easily even if you still love him
  • There are many potential partners out there Once you realize the previous fact you can easily conclude that many potential partners out there can help you satisfy those unmet needs. So after all even if you still love the person you will easily find someone who can replace him somewhere else after the breakup if you believed in this fact.
  • After breaking up don’t do the common mistakes: One of the main reasons that prevents people from recovering after a breakup is the wrong actions they take right after the breakup. If you broke up with someone you still love then don’t day dream about him, stop trying to contact him and stop thinking about the possibility of you getting back together. For more information 

Steps for breaking up with someone you still love

Now that you know how to recover its time to know how to break up. First you must not do the breakup right away but instead you must start to notify the person slowly (like for example telling him that you are afraid that your relationship might not work).

Later on you can tell him that many obstacles are appearing along the way and that you are afraid they might lead to a break up.

Slowly and gradually the person will be emotionally ready for the breakup and at this point you can tell him that you want to break up.

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