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How to boost your mood instantly



How to boost your mood instantly

In all of my previous articles i was always against quick fixes simply because they never work. It makes no sense to help yourself feel good for few moments only to feel bad minutes later under the pressure of your unsolved problems

However in some cases you might find yourself in need of a quick mood boost in order to motivate yourself to get a certain task done that can in turn help you reach your long term goals.

Lets suppose that you had the goal of losing 20 pounds in few month, in such a case using a quick fix such as traveling or even drugs will only make you feel good for a short while but sooner or later you will encounter something that will remind you of your obesity problem and you will end up feeling bad.

In such a case it makes a lot of sense to learn a technique that can help you boost your mood so that you can become motivated to lose weight.

now that you knew the right way to use this technique read this post to know how to boost your mood instantly.

Why does our mood change?

Your mood will never change before an external input sends you new data that forces your mind into a certain track. A word that you might have heard, an image that you might have seen or even a thought that might have came to your mind might have been the reason for your mood swing

So if external inputs change our moods then what about using a controlled external input for the sake of changing our moods to the better?

After reading the last line an idea such as listening to motivating music might have came to your mind. While your idea was correct still it won’t work! in my articles about the psychology of music i said that external sources won’t help you become motivated unless they match something in your inner world.

In other words a motivating song will only make you feel more motivated if you were already motivated.

So if that’s the case then how can someone give himself a quick mood boost?
Simply by doing any tiny action that can motivate him a bit then using an external source to multiply this motivational force.

3 Steps to boost your mood instantly

So lets put everything together into practical steps:

  • 1) Prepare the external source: Find any external source that motivates you like a video, a song or a quote. The more emotionally charged the source is the more effective it will be
  • 2) Take an action that changes your mood a bit: In the Solid Self confidence program i said that your subconscious mind won’t help you change your mood before you do a real life action. If you want to lose weight then writing down the plan you are going to follow in the next few month can be that action. Note that the plan will only change your mood if you believed in it (see understanding apathy and indifference)
  • 3) Elevate the emotion and intensify it: Once you find yourself a bit motivated, excited or happy use the external source you prepared earlier to get an instant mood boost

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