How do women choose their mates



Women are more selective that men

Most men can make up their minds about women from the first meeting if not from the first picture they see. Because women invest much more effort bearing and raising children they were designed to be more careful when selecting a life partner.

There are lots of theories that explain how do women choose their life partners but today i am going to shed the light on a different angle of the selection process.

When a man selects a woman he usually assess her reproductive abilities and gene quality on the unconscious level of course. Because looks can determine these qualities to a great extent many men can base their choice of a mate only on looks. (see also Do men only care about looks)

Women on the other hand think differently of the relationship. All women want to see their kids living the best lives possible and as a result their choice of a man might be strongly affected by their desire to secure the best future for their children.

In other words, when a woman chooses a long term partner she will put the life of her future children in mind and will use it to determine which man is more suitable. (see also Psychological differences between men and women)

How do women choose their mates

I am sure you already know that self confidence attracts most women but do you know the reason behind it?

Women want their children to be strong and confident that’s why a man who seems to have these traits appears much more desirable to them. After all its very likely that this man will pass these traits to his offspring and that’s why these traits are considered desirable by most women. (see also 5 things that attract women)

I am sure you also know that women find men with a good sense of humor more attractive but how can we explain such tendency?

The ability to joke and say things that make others laugh is actually a very good indication of intelligence, risk taking ability and creativity. Those traits are essential for success in life and as a result the man who bears them can create a better life for his family and children. (see How to develop a sense of humor)

Women also care about resources, status, ambition and money. At the first instance it might seem like woman are materialistic but when you look at it from the point of view of securing a better life for their children these preferences make a lot of sense. (see Does money attract women)

Why women like dominant men

In my book The psychology of physical attraction i said that most women prefer dominant men over passive ones unless they are control freaks. The reason women prefer dominant men is that they are better able of passing their traits to their children.

A dominant and strong man will most likely teach his child to become strong in life. A passive man on the other hand might do nothing about it or leave his children to develop whatever traits they can develop without intervention.

Do women care about looks?

Looks reflect the genetic quality of a person and so women care about looks to a certain extent however if women found the traits they are already looking for in a man then they might sacrifice his looks for these traits. (see also What attracts women to men physically)

When it comes to short term relationships women won’t consider having kids at all and that’s why the selection criteria will completely change. Women seeking a short term partner will go for the bad boy or the macho man while those looking for a long term relationship will select men the way it was described in this article.

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