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May 3, 2017
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May 3, 2017
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how body smell affects attractiveness



How important is the smell

Do you know that your smell is one of the greatest factors that affect your overall attractiveness?

Do you know that some research has shown that a man’s smell can be more influencing than his looks and wealth? (see Do women care about looks)

In my book How to make someone fall in love with you i said that the subconscious mind keeps forming associations between unrelated things all the time. If a person’s smell was pleasant then those who got exposed to his smell might actually believe that they are experiencing pleasant feelings just because of his presence.

Smells were found to affect people’s emotions more than looks, sounds and even touches! When people’s emotions change in the presence of someone they always assume that their moods changed because of the presence of that person and that’s one reason why your smell affects your overall attractiveness.

The relationship between attractiveness and body odor

Here are few studies along with their findings that explain how body smell affects the attractiveness of a person:

  • Study1, smell and looks: Several women were shown some pictures of men and were asked to rate their attractiveness. During the experiment women were exposed to pleasant and unpleasant smells. Women gave the highest ratings to the men they saw while being exposed to the pleasant smell and the lowest ratings to the men they saw while being exposed to the unpleasant smell
  • Study2, smell and testosterone: The testosterone levels of men was measured when they got exposed to certain smells. It was found that a certain pheromone that women produce when they are ovulating (most fertile) increases the testosterone levels of men and as a result they find the woman more attractive. (see also What attracts men)
  • Study3: Women were given sweaty shirts of men and were asked to find the shirt that belongs to the most attractive man. Women found the shirts of the men who had the most different immune system than theirs the most attractive! Women were designed this way so that they pass the best genes to their offspring since the large differences between immune system of a man and woman will result in a better immune system for the offspring (see also How hormonal changes affect females preferences for men
  • General findings: Some smells were found to lower blood pressure, other smells were found to motivate people to spend more money while a third group of smells were found to help people feel better

Should i wear perfume?

Some researchers claimed that a smell is far more powerful than looks and sounds and thus making it on top of the list of the things that attracts potential mates.

Based on these findings it might not be a good idea to block your natural smell which can communicate a lot about you to your potential partner.

Some manufactured scents can certainly increase the attractiveness of a person but if it happened by coincidence that your natural smell was more attractive to your potential partner than those scents then you will be lowering your chance of attracting him.

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