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Jim Demello

Most remedies for gout just treat the symptoms, usually of high Uric Acid but they don’t address the cause of the high UA. Please check out my wordpress doc of how my gout was truly cured – in other words what caused my high UA.


Apple Cider Vinegar As A Gout Treatment

Please note that this remedy is taken from this site, but I guess it’s worth sharing mdwincorp.com/5-best-home-remedies-you-must-have-to-treat-gout-right-now/

apple cider vinegarOne of the most effective home remedies for gout is apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is being used for many years now. As a matter of fact, it has helped people in the ancient times as an effective remedy for various ailments.

If you do not want to use any over-the-counter medications to treat gout, then you have to at least consider the natural remedy such as apple cider vinegar. It does not pose any side effects to your health, which is why there is nothing wrong if you will take this as a home treatment for gout. You can prepare the apple cider vinegar as a gout treatment either as a drink or as a topical agent.

Drink – In order to help you get rid of gout, you have to consider adding apple cider vinegar to your diet. Preparing it as a drink will help relieve the pain in the affected site. It can significantly decrease the inflammation and the pain. Preparing it as a drink is simple. First, you have to prepare a glass of water, two tablespoons of honey, and two teaspoons of the main ingredient; apple cider vinegar. Then, mix all three to create a concoction powerful enough to keep gout symptoms at bay. Drink the mixture three times every day for better results.
As a topical agent – Apple cider vinegar can also be prepared as a topical agent. Like the apple cider vinegar drink, this is easy to prepare. Soak a clean cloth in a raw apple cider vinegar. Wrap the cloth around the affected area. Leave if these for about 15 minutes. This helps to lessen the swelling and the pain. Or, you have to soak your feet in a bowl of apple cider vinegar.


Do NOT listen to Gout Conquerer! Drinking 10 ounces of water every 30 minutes is insane and could harm or even kill you.

A large chronically dehydrated person living in Florida in July, sweating profusely, would have a hard time justifying more than 16 cups of water per day. The average person is awake 16 to 20 hours per day, If you were to drink 10 ounces every 30 minutes, you could end up drinking 3 gallons of water per day, which, unless you’re a professional athlete or someone who often finds themselves losing that much fluid per hour, would probably cause you harm.

While it’s important to stay hydrated and some excess water can help flush some things out, don’t overdo it and be sure to include at least a bit of salt and potassium while you’re consuming that much liquid, quad cramps are the worst! 8 – 12 ounces per hour until you pass the skin pull test, which is a decent gauge of your current hydration. Once you’ve hit normal hydration levels and you’re pretty sure your electrolytes are under control, drop to 4-8 ounces per hour depending on your weight.

lady b

Buy colloidal minerals, or minerals and take them 3 times a day with plenty of water. The minerals liquify the uric acid crystals causing the pain and they are urinated out of body. PH Balance sold by Mother Earth Labs is being used by several people that had severe cases of gout and it is now gone. Very important to take it 3 times a day instead of all at one time so that minerals are in system at all times to stay ahead of uric acid. It may take 3 to 4 days to return to normal. Colloidal minerals can be purchased at health food stores or ordered on line.


Cherry juice! Drinking pure cherry juice! Work out how much for yourself as each person is an individual.


Better than a cure, is the discovery of the cause for an ailment. Thought I do not have Gout, I have known many people, here in the south, who do. In the south, we eat a lot of pork. And folks who experience Gout, simply stop eating pork, and the Gout disappears.


Watermelon!! Seriously!! Google ‘watermelon and gout’ I was walking with a cane, two days of eating watermelon for breakfast and adding pulp to my water, now I’m not. Hope it works! And you can freeze it for after watermelon season is over.


It may seem to simple to work but if I start this treatment the very moment that I feel the pain in my toe or in my foot, it either stops it cold or lessen the duration and pain greatly! I take @ 4-5 ibuprofen and then immediately place a VERY, VERY COLD pack on the affected area and keep it pressed-up to that area until it feels like I might freeze my foot, take it off for a minute, then put it back again and hold it there until the cold pack gets warm.


Mr Verns Exanthum Oil will alleviate and / or eradicate gout pain in 24 hours or less ! It is inexpensive and does what no other topical can do. Google for information , testimonials and how to buy !


Food and overall well-being are very important in the fight against gout pain, however, there are other, up-and-coming methods being used to help fight the pain too. For instance, topical pain relief is on the rise, and it is one of the most effective and safest methods of fighting gout pain. It provides the same, usually greater, relief that specific pills do, however, there are no pills or side effects. I myself am currently a user of topical pain gels, which I easily get through my pharmacy in the midwest, A&R Pharmacy in Liberty, MO, and simply apply the gel whenever I’m in pain. I’ve been using them for roughly 18 months and have had more than significant results since going this route and I highly recommend it for anyone struggling with pain and/or pills. Take over the pain before it takes over your life. I hope this helps a few of you.


Is there a cure for Gout, maybe but I’ll talk on that at the end.
I’ve had Gout since 2007,thats when the first big toe swelled up. Since then it has plagued me with various nuances like burning sensation of the feet and hands, joint pains especially in the feet and ankles, waking up sick and tired after what should have been a good nights rest. The list goes on as you all know from your own experience.
So here is my list for control of Gout,
> for chronic discomfort get a prescription for allopurinol to get your uric acid level in check. You can still take your favorite natural aids with it.
> My #1 kick ass natural control of gout is a few tablespoons of Bick’s Bavaria-Fest WINE sauerkraut, and you only need the juice if your picky about the cabbage.
Celery seems to work great too, even though I eat with salt.
Apple cider vinegar, good for most anything. I have yet to try it with baking soda, but combined I think it would be a good buffer for any stomach ailment.
A fresh orange, cherries (many people keep cherries froze so they have them on hand when out of season), etc. Hey if it works for your then use it.
Consumables I stay away from,
> Liqueurs, the high glucose is just bad and will trigger a big flare up overnight every time for me.
Pastas, a little now and then is okay but to much and I’m burning calories at night that lead to high uric acid levels.
Commercially cured meats, again a little now and then shouldn’t hurt but the nitrate salts can cause a high uric level quickly. Also doctors are claiming that eating a lot of cured meats leads to colon cancer, I’m not so sure about that ?
Things to NOT do if you have gout,
> get injured, ever notice that even a small injury like a sprain cause’s a high fever sensation. Is there a link between inflammation and uric acid levels?
Stop eating meat and sea foods, bah humbug, that’s just wife’s tale’s. If a certain food appears to bring on gout, it is more likely that that food has always been a burden on you but with gout now in your life you just come to realise it.
keeping to warm, especially the feet, they need to be kept cool.
Grin and bare it, those UA crystals are like sand paper on your joints so be gentle on yourself and don’t over do it during gout flares.
Complain too much, I’m 55 now and I get enough respect. Just an occasional reminder to friends and co-workers of the disease I suffer with is enough to retain my dignity.
Things TO do to control gout,
> Exercise, just light moderate exercise is best. You need to keep those joints flexible enough to help pump out the inflammation and uric acid. Also an increase in blood flow quickly carries away and balances the UA and I believe the fresh blood carries with it the natural combatants that fight the (yet unknown)cause of gout.
Soak your feet, I fill a foot bath with as hot as I can stand it water , add Epsom salt, lavender and sage, then sit in my easy chair and soak my feet for an hour. I keep an ottoman affront with a towel on it so I can take my feet in and out for comfort.
Keep your feet cool, day and night. If you are a gout sufferer then you should know that cool feet are happy feet.
Keep your legs and feet up, I have mastered going to a pool or lake in only a few feet of water I float in a sitting position thereby giving my legs and feet the sensation of weightlessness. Wow does that feel good ! Could it be I really am from Mars??

I am sure there is much more all of us could add and I really would appreciate your feed back.
Now I would like others to here my opinion on the cure for gout. Just like stomach ulcers, gout has long since been considered a disease of the lifestyle. England’s King Henry 8th being the most famous of gout sufferers gave way to the thought that a lavish lifestyle eating rich foods was the cause of the disease. And that school of thought still prevails, even in the minds of most who are suffering from gout today. And so it was the same with the story of stomach ulcers until one day (after 60 years of banishment in the scientific world)some young post university student of medicine took a few samples from some willing ulcer patients and looked at the samples in an electron microscope and behold, Thar be tiny little bacterium in his slide. Helicobacter pylori, it took only a short while to figure out that an antibiotic containing bismuth would kill the bacterium and now people no longer need to suffer (some died) from this disease.
So could gout be caused by a tiny little bacteria or fungi (I think the latter)that is hiding from our view and from the bodies auto immune system (maybe in the bone of the big toe).
Just thought I would toss that out there.

Gout Conquerer

I was desperate for a remedy and this is the only thing that has worked for me. DRINKING WATER. Drink a lot of it. Drink 10 oz. every 30 minutes while you are awake if you can. I have tried various diets (low protein, avoiding shellfish, avoiding rich fatty foods) – didn’t work. I have tried avoiding alcoholic beverages – didn’t work. I have tried various fruit juice concoctions – didn’t work. The only thing that has worked is drinking lots of water. The theory behind this is that if you are prone to gout, then your body will produce uric acid regardless if what your diet is like. It is in your genes. You are genetically predisposed to producing high uric acid levels. So most treatment for gout has been to try to reduce uric acid levels. However, gout flare ups occur not because of high uric acid, but because the uric acid has crystallized in your joints causing excruciating pain. So instead of trying to reduce uric acid, we should be trying prevent uric acid crystallization. This is where drinking water comes in. If you maintain a high level of hydration, then hopefully the uric acid will remain dissolved and won’t crystallize into the joints. I know this sounds simple but it has really worked for me so far. I use to get gout flare-ups about every other week and it felt like I had a 9-inch nail being hammered through my joint. Ever since I started drinking lots of water, the flare-ups have subsided. Note: this remedy is for preventing gout flare-ups from occurring, if the flare up has already occurred then the acid has already crystallized and drinking water will not make the pain go away. I don’t want anyone to have to go through the pain that I went through, so by sharing this I hope that I can help some of the gout sufferers out there to avoid getting flare-ups. Best wishes.

lovelyn pomat

Cucumber juice healed my husbands gout. 100%


For years, the Gout pain started slowly in my feet and then built up over several days to a tremendous pain to where I could barely walk. For the last six months, I drink a heaping teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of water immediately when I sense the first pain starting. The small pain is gone by the next day and the big pains never arrive. I don’t know how healthy this is for me, but it has been a miracle pain killer for me.

Patti P

Place cabbage leaves in the freezer; when having a gout attack, place a frozen leaf around the joint – this will relieve the pain. Also, munch on at least 6 cherries every day.

Tony Phylactou


With this method I cured my 20 year old gout.
Forget the idea that purines and alcohol,are the causes of gout.The real culprit is Fructose.

Eliminate completely fructose from your diet.for 2 weeks.That means all fruit,sugar,cakes and soft drinks.
From day 2 you will see a noticeable improvement and after the second week,a substantial improvement,almost 95%.
After that re introduce fructose in your diet,limiting it to 15-25 grams a day.Bear in mind that a portion of fruit,contains
about 5 grams of fructose,and that sugar is 50% fructose.You can use pure glucose if you like which does not affect gout.
You have to stick to this diet until you are 100% gout free and believe me it does not take long.

Richard B

Subject: Niacin and gout.
Approximately 6 years ago a cardiologist put me on a medication plus diet regime to control my cholesterol. Within this medication regime was a daily dose of a time release Niacin. This in conjunction with a LIPID has been proven to lower cholesterol better than the LIPID alone. After approximately 3 years on this combination I started developing gout symptoms. It got to the point where I could not get around very well due to the discomfort. My left foot was so swollen that I could not wear a shoe. Talking to a different doctor (a family practitioner) about the gout I stared a treatment using Allopurinol with diet modifications (again). This seemed to work well and minimized the acute gout symptoms. Later I was prescribed Uloric and this seemed to work better but the gout symptoms seemed to stay just below acute level. The gout period covered 2 years.
As an aside my uric acid levels always stayed at marginal levels to be classified as a problem on its on.
Then my wife read an article that indicated niacin was a contributor to higher uric acid levels in some people. So I cut my niacin completely, two weeks later, the underlying symptoms of gout went away. I then cut my Uloric completely, two weeks went by, the gout symptoms did not return. I started up the niacin and within one week my gout symptoms came back. I dropped the niacin and the Uloric completely and I have now been over eight months on just my heart smart diet and other medication sans the niacin— gout free. All of this info has been shared with my cardiologist and general practitioner as it progressed. My blood work has not shown any increase in my cholesterol without the niacin.


#1: Avoid the trigger foods. HELLO… Enjoy them on occasion in small quantities.

#2: take daily cherry in vitamin form with curcumin at each meal. Curcumin is a great anti-inflammatory and helps fight cancer as well.

#3: put a pinch of baking soda in your glass of water. It neutralizes the acid. Drink lots of water to eliminate the acid.

#4: avoid alcohol. Seriously if you think it would be hard to do then you have a real problem.

Your body doesn’t lie. Listen to it and focus on feeling good. You are what you eat. I found that gout is a symptom of many underlying problems and food habits that are slowly getting better because I took action and made a choice to get healthy. I’m slowly reversing my type 2 diabetes at the same time by avoiding processed foods, alcohol, and protein sources that trigger gout. I eat nuts and make whey protein shakes with fresh fruit. I eat lots of salads and pay attention to my habits. The meds won’t cure it. It’s up to you to eliminate what your body can’t tolerate:)

I couldn’t take the meds for gout as they produced pain in my kidney area. I had to do it the natural way


By the time I was diagnosed with Gout, my doctor also found that I have ‘metabolic syndrome’: Overweight, Diabetes, High Cholesterol(or Triglyceride), and Hypertension. I’m 47yr old male, fits right in the ‘middle age’ diseases.

My Rheumatologist started me on gout medication and I faithfully worked with her for a year. It worked on getting my uric acid down, but not my flares. Meantime, the gout medication is making my liver enzymes go up. She thinks since the UA is down, the treatment is ‘effective’. I disagree. I now not only have metabolic syndrome (all boarderline), gout, but now I have drug induced liver reaction!!

So I stopped the medication, rethink my approach, and started working on the one thing that can cure all of those diseases: diet and exercise. NOTE: I am otherwise healthy, so do this at your own discretion.

Don’t think diet and exercise will work? IT does when you make REAL changes. I can go on and on, but you know what I mean. Stop looking for the magic pills and secret formulas. It’s that simple.

To Your Health


When I join Fun Runs and marathons, there have been less gout attacks. There is no significant change in my intake of food though I see to it that I always eat banana. So I suggest eat banana and run, or exercise. That’s the best way to eliminate toxins of the body.

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