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May 3, 2017
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does our personality affect our level of attractiveness



Does our personality affect our level of attractiveness

Studies have shown that attractiveness perception changes when we get to know a person better.

Do you remember how your perception of attractiveness of people changed during high school or college days? I am sure you found some people attractive after spending more time with them even though you didn’t find them attractive during your first encounter with them.

A study has shown that people start to see others differently when they discover some of their personality traits. (see also Attractiveness perception psychology)

When was the last time you saw a movie where the hero wasn’t that attractive? do you remember how you felt like when you first saw that movie hero? now try to recall your feelings towards him at the end of the movie and you will discover that you have changed your opinion about his attractiveness completely. (see also Why do we find people attractive)

If watching a person do good things for 2 hours can change the attractiveness perception then what can a six month friendship with a person do?

Certainly if during that period the person displayed desirable traits then he will appear much more physically attractive!

Attractiveness standards and exceptions

We all have certain standards that we use to asses people’s attractiveness but when we spend time with someone with desirable traits we start to sacrifice some of these standards.

Its as if our subconscious minds replace some of the physical traits of that person with some of his good personality traits.

It was also found that people could change their attractiveness perception few seconds after a person starts talking! Sometimes the first impression a person forms of another gets changed as soon as the the later opens his mouth. (see First impression psychology)

Another study has found that a simple action such as a friendly smile can affect the attractiveness perception of people. If a smile does so then what can a good trait such as kindness do??

You still have a good chance

You don’t have to look like movie heroes to leave a good impression because just as you saw people can see you differently based on your actions and behaviour.

While these facts are applicable to both men and women it was found that a woman is more likely to change her perception of attractiveness of a man after he displays great personality traits.

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