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May 3, 2017
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Does money attract women



Does money attract women

Just like men are biologically wired to look for beautiful women and fertile ones women are biologically wired to look for resourceful men.

Women want to feel safe and secure. They want protection and to ensure a good future for their off springs. This happens on the unconscious level and as a result most women will get attracted to resourceful men provided that all other variables are constant.

Of course money is a the most powerful resource a man can have but this doesn’t mean that you can’t attract women if you don’t have it.

What if i don’t have money

Women don’t get attracted to rich men and that’s it but they get attracted to men who might become rich one day. This means that an ambitious man might have the same chance as a rich man.

Some other factors give woman indications of the presence of resources. The way a man is dressed up, the way he talks about the future and his level of education are all factors that can show the woman that this man might become rich one day.

This is also why women care about a man’s watch, his shoes and his car. Its just that these things gives them an indication of the level of resources he can provide them with.

Some people say that money only attracts gold diggers but this is a common misconception. A gold digger is a woman who will go for the rich man even if she don’t like anything else about him while a normal woman is the one who will go for the resourceful man because she likes other things about him and not just his money.

What about women who say that they don’t think that way?

While there might be few women out there who think differently still the majority of women will say that they don’t think that way. Its not that they want to lie but its just that they are not aware of the way their minds work.

Those women might fantasize about certain men but as soon as the resourceful one gets into the game their calculations differ and they go for him.

So in short, money attracts women because looking for resourceful men is part of their biological makeup. Forget about what a woman says and watch her actions.

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