Do attractive people live happier lives



Do attractive people live happier lives

Do attractive people live happier lives?
Do good looking people experience less emotional pain?
Can good looks dampen the bad emotions people experience?

Some Studies have said that attractive people weren’t found to be happier than average looking people but these studies lacked in depth analysis of happiness and the way attractiveness affects it.

In order to know whether an attractive person feels happier or not you first need to understand how a person who believes that he is not attractive feels.

We feel bad whenever something reminds us of one of our emotional wounds. If for example you saw a new car then you are very likley to remember the beautiful car you wrecked two weeks ago.

Now when a person who doesn’t like his looks comes across a mirror or a picture of himself his mood will worsen a bit. In addition to this that person is very likley to feel bad whenever he gets rejected because of believing that his looks played a major role in the rejection he got.

So its not just the real reminders that make a person feel bad but the imagined ones do the same job as well.

Does this mean that attractive people don’t feel bad when they get rejected?

The quick answer is no. Just like an unattractive person has an emotional wound related to his looks an attractive person could have a wound that can’t be seen by the eyes.

If an attractive blond believes that people only like her for her looks or that they think that she is just a doll then any rejection she gets will be interpreted as a proof that people think that she is no good when it comes to anything but looks. (see also How to overcome rejection sensitivity)

In other words attractive people don’t have the “i am not good looking wound” but just like any other human they have different kinds of wounds.

Now because you saw things through your own lens you believed that attractive people don’t get affected by rejections but when looking at things from their own angle you will find that they have different kinds of wounds.

Do you think you are unattractive?

According to a study the average person rates himself less attractive than he truly is but at least one point out of ten.

Do you know what does this mean? It means that there is a great possibility that you are not as unattractive as you believe you are.

In my book The psychology of physical attraction i said that people perceive attractiveness differently and that you could still be good looking even if someone found you unattractive. (see also Why a jealous friend might find you unattractive)

Because beauty is relative some people might find you attractive while others don’t. Now if you were unlucky to be among the people who dislike the way you look then you will develop the imagined ugliness disorder even if you were good looking. (see also Why some people believe they are unattractive)

So do attractive people live happier lives? Provided that they know they are attractive then any reminder about the way they look will actually lift their mood up a bit.

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