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The Importance of Making Good Decisions

Decisions are the seeds that grow into trees which become responsible for everything that happens to you in the future. Everything that is happening to you now and every emotion that you are currently experiencing is a direct result of all of the decisions you took in the past.

By knowing how to make good and effective decisions you will be more capable of shaping your future and achieving your goals.

Unfortunately, there are many obstacles that hinder correct decision making, and so, if you were to get over those obstacles your decisions will be much more effective. By learning how to take effective decisions you will lead a much happier life and this is the goal of this article.

Decision Making and Emotions

Do you know that under the influence of a strong emotion you usually lose access to some of your mind’s resources?

Take anger for example, when you become angry your mind will usually be filled with images of destruction, revenge and violence.

What happens to all the other good thoughts? Because you’re angry you don’t have access to them! To make good decisions you must have access to all your mind’s resources and this won’t happen if you’re under the effect of a powerful emotion.

If you want to get take a good decision make sure that you are calm and unaffected by any strong emotions at the time of taking the decision.

One of the strongest emotions that could affect your decisions is fear. If fear is holding you back from taking a decision then it’s time to learn how to develop courage. If you find it difficult to control your emotions then it’s better to wait until you calm down so that you could have access to your full resources and so take a better decision.

Decision Making and the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind and as a result if you were able to use the subconscious mind in your decision making process you will get much better results. But how can this be done?

Simply sleep on a decision before taking it. While sleeping your subconscious mind will try to find a solution to your problem. It will present you with this solution as soon as it finds one.

As soon as you start to think of a problem a signal is sent to your subconscious mind which starts to search for a solution. So even if you aren’t thinking of your problem your subconscious mind will still be working on the problem in the background.

Decision Making and Information

One of the biggest pitfalls people fall in when making decisions is becoming obsessed with collecting information. They may think that they will be able to collect all needed information, however that is not always true.

You can never collect all of the information about everything all the time. You just have to collect the available information and act based on it.

Decision Making and Visualization

Visualizing the outcome of the decision can help you take better decisions. Try to sit in a calm place then visualize the outcome resulting from each alternative. This can help you take better decisions.

Use Your Left and Right Brains Together

Your left brain hemisphere is responsible for logic and reasoning while your right brain hemisphere is responsible for logic and intuition. By using only logic or only intuition you will be using half of your brain and not all of it.

If you want to make an effective decision then you must use your full brain and not just half of it.

One Plus One Equals Three

If you have one idea and a friend of yours has another idea then putting them together won’t result in 2 ideas but in fact you may reach several ones. You will find that brainstorming always results in a flood of good ideas. If you have the time to sit with someone to discuss your issue then you will get a much better chance of taking an effective decision because the information available to you is going to increase.

Decision Making and Having a Vision

What do you think your decisions would be like if you were able to predict the future?
Having a vision won’t let you predict the future but it will enable you to imagine possible scenarios or possible changes in your future and so help you take a better decision.

If you don’t know what a vision is, or how to have one then check this guide.

Decision Making and Inner resistance

Sometimes the resistance to the new decisions comes from the closest place you could ever imagine, from within. Have you ever felt that a part of you wanted something while another part of you wanted something else?

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