Men don’t cry

When you first felt like crying your parents may have told you that men should not cry. when you felt like crying at some point in your life every one told you to get a hold of your self and that men must not cry. When you grew up you may have started to tell your kids the same words (that men don’t cry).

Its Just a belief that you have acquired from the people around you. A belief that states that crying is something shameful or that is it something that weak people do.

You may have believed in this statement to the extent that your self confidence may shake after you cry because you may think that you become weak.

But is this true?
Fortunately not, it’s just another false belief that you acquired.

benefits of crying

Below is a list of benefits of crying:


crying gets rid of toxins in your body:

crying is just one of the methods your body uses to get rid of toxins and harmful materials. Tears that are the direct result of an emotional influence release more toxins out of your body.


preventing emotions from being suppressed:

do you know that sometimes people get depressed because of suppressed emotions? Do you know that many times we feel bad just because we have some emotions inside of us that needs to come out, crying is one of the best healthy ways to get out those suppressed emotions.


crying lifts your mood:

crying releases endorphins which are hormones that act as both mood elevators and pain killers. That’s why you feel much better after crying


Crying reduces stress: 

When a person cries his stress levels are generally reduced. A lot of energy is required for the person to prevent himself from crying. When that energy is no longer needed the person gets a relief


Lower risk of illness:

 Crying helps the body reduce the levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone. The build up of adrenocorticotropic can lead to increased level of Cortisol which can lead to lots of illnesses

Crying increases empathy: The human mind responds strongly to tears. If a person saw another crying then empathy will immediately form. See How social support can reduce stress


Crying kills germs:

 Tears are natural germ killers. Tears contain antibacterial substances that can kill 95% of all forms of bacteria crying & being a man


Crying is something that you should not be ashamed of especially if you were crying because you lost something really worthy.

A man is not measured by the amount of tears he saves a man is measured by how he acts. some people cry then change the world others suppress their tears and live depressed.

I am not asking you to cry in the presence of others but there would be no problems at all if you did that in private if you felt like it. You must also understand that some people have a more sensitive nervous system than others.

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