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I use clear finger nail polish or clear fingernail polish cover/nail protector. Does a far superior job to super glue. Develop the cracks every Winter. Nothing has worked better. It’s true that the sooner you start treatment the sooner it will heal. The Wet n’ Wild nail protector is only about a buck at Walmart and just as good as any of the more expensive polishes.


Since mouth sores responded to folic acid I tried 1mg folic acid daily – the cracks healed in a month and did not return


My dermatologist recommends CUTEMOL. I have been using it this winter and I have had NO splits on the ends of my fingers. I live in dry Colorado and have suffered with splits around my nails all other winters. Nothing else has ever worked for me. I use Cutemol at least twice daily.


I work in a restaurant and washing dishes was creating cracked fingertips. I increased my potassium level by eating lots of bananas and my fingertips healed permanently. Our skin cells need to maintain a proper sodium to potassium level but most people eat too much sodium(salt).


I’ve been suffering for a year with thickening of my fingertip skin. It would then itch, turn red, swell up and crack. It started on my right fingers and then moved to my left. it was so painful. I tried creams prescribed from Doctors…they not only didn’t work but stung like a…….anyway, a WEEK ago a coworker gave me a Betametasona/Clotrimazol/Gentamicina cream she got over-the-counter in Mexico. I now have my fingers back healthy and that cream didn’t sting at all!!

The doctors here have to know about it I don’t know why they want us to suffer. Demand it from them if you can’t get it from Mexico(it’s like $3)

Try it…..for me it is my salvation.


The skin on my hands split & bled because of candida, one of the most difficult infections to rid oneself of since this vile infection thrives on everything that can usually be considered food. At any rate, during my last session of splitting/bleeding (not just on my fingertips but all over my hands), I decided to try some of Obenauf’s heavy duty leather protector I had just ordered to re-waterproof my shoes and boots. Amazingly, after only 24 hours (a first versus ALL of the other “remedies” I’ve tried) the bleeding had stopped and within about a week, almost all signs of discoloration, dryness, peeling skin etc. were gone! I simply applied a small amount of the cream/paste to the affected skin on my hands about twice per day (it’s quite soothing and smells like a combination of honey and leather) and continued about my normal routine. I’m not sure if anyone else has stumbled upon this remedy or not- I hadn’t heard anyone else recommend it- so I truly thank God for this cure, because it has worked FAR better than any of the other items I’ve tried and is more than worth every penny. Find it online at, Amazon , eBay or other retailers- this is the solution you’ve been looking for and I recommended it more highly than anything else!

I am Helmut

Cutemol crème is the best. Cover the area when sleeping. Good stuff.


Eucerin Eczema Relief has changed my life. I could have every one of my fingers cracked and bleeding on both sides of the nail. I read a post that said their dermatologist said it was a form of eczema exhibiting on the finger tips. I tried works.


Keep your hands out of water! buy a large box of disposable gloves and wear them even when showering. Secure the wrists with rubber bands so they do not allow moisture in. Only wash your hands after using the restroom and before eating. Keep the dry corners by your nails filed down with a gentle emery board.
Use any type of skin oil and cover each crack with a bandaid before bed.


My fingertips have cracked open in the winter time since I was a teenager. I use Eucerin Aquaphor ointment, coat my hands and sleep with cotton gloves on. If it’s just one fingertip that is splitting open, I put ointment on and then use one of those rubber fingertips they use in offices. Works and keeps me from bumping the sore finger.


Cover cracks with vit E oil and then with well adhering bandaid. Protects finger or thumb (it’s almost always my right thumb bed) and promotes the healing.


I use new-skin. Just put on at night before bed. pain goes away and hands heal in a few days.


Cracked finger tips HEALED by using probiotics.

I had cracked/bleeding fingers and scaly hands. I went to 6 dermatologists who didn’t have a clue, but shotguned the problem with topicals.

THEN, someone told me to eat Rosoff’s Sauerkraut. Healed my fingers & hands. Used it for about 6 months, but the taste was very strong and had to drive a distance to buy it.

I tried probiotics, also with great results. Now I take 2-3 pills/day (about 32 billion dosage) and have NO problems!!! Yep, sounds too good to be true, but trust me, IT WORKS! I hear some probiotics are better than others, don’t know, but I have used 2 different ones and they both work fine. A friend told me the Raw Probiotics by Garden of Life are the best, so I stick with those.

PLEASE do yourself a favor and try probiotics and reduce sugar intake. I bet you will be thrilled with the results!!!!!!

God Bess,


1: In the morning and at night use Non-Scented lotions on your hands and after a week your fingers should smooth out.
(Better results while using GoldBond)

2:On cracked fingers one or more times a day lather medicated chap stick on the dry/cracked areas.


When skin cracks appear on my finger tips in the winter time, because of the low humidity, I use Crazy Glue on the cracks. Sometimes it provides better protection than a band aid.


Studied cracked finger remedies a while back and gained the following insight –

Prior to coating hands/fingers with preferred goo, glop, or gunk, soak hands in clean warm water long enough to fully saturate; then seal in that moisture with the chosen oil, fat, extract.


After 6 years of trying everything and doctors for my constantly cracked, bleeding fingers I changed my diet to Organic, GMO free, gluten free and began taking greens and chlorella supplements everyday. In 6 short months the cracks healed, no more gloves,bandaids or avoiding water. All gone like the 6 years of pain and embarrassment never happened. I can do everything with my bare hands, dishes, gardening, cleaning! It is miraculous! Even using my computer at work is now pain free.


Washing hands a lot and handling very dry dusty items all increase the likely hood of fingers cracking. This is quite painful. Use rubber or latex gloves when working, I put hand lotion on first then the gloves. Vitamin E, or bag balm, or any thick greasy hand lotion applied liberally before bed helps. If it is really bad I apply the hand treatment and wear cotton gloves or socks on my hand to bed. one of the best ointments I have found is Spring Wind Skin Ointment. You can buy it on line. It is amazing and works great on cuts and bruises also.


Until a few years ago I never experienced dry skin but at age 54 I realized along with everything else on my body my skin is changing. Here’s something simple that works for me when it comes to cracks around your fingers. I just use triple antibiotic ointment dabbed on the crack at bedtime and no gloves or bandaids covering up the crack. When I wake up the next morning the crack has healed up a lot. I do this for a couple of nights and the cracks are healed.

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