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May 1, 2017
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May 1, 2017
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Breaking habits using hypnotherapy

 The idea behind breaking habits using hypnotherapy

If you are new to hypnosis or hypnotherapy you may be wondering how can it be used to break bad habits. The idea is simple. Breaking habits using hypnosis is based on the concept that your addiction to a bad habit is mainly a result of your false beliefs about the habit, here are some examples of such false beliefs:

  • Thinking that smoking will reduce your stress
  • Thinking that eating will make you forget your problems
  • Thinking that you can never give up the habit
  • Thinking that you will never find a replacement to your partner who broke up with you (see How to get over anyone in few days)

How hypnotherapy help can help you change your false ideas

Using hypnotherapy you can have your subconscious mind programmed with new beliefs that can help you in breaking your bad habits.

For instance a person who is addicted to smoking will have new beliefs installed in his subconscious mind about the truth about the relation between smoking and stress (smoking increases stress) and so this new belief will reduce his desire to smoke.

By changing those false beliefs, your subconscious mind will give up it attachment to the habit and so you will find that breaking it become much easier

Breaking habits by finding the root cause

Most people do the mistake of trying to break a habit directly without understanding its root cause, as a result they fail to break the habit.

Lets suppose that a person procrastinates because he is afraid change a case fear of failure is the real problem and not the habit of procrastination itself.

By Fixing this root problem that person can get rid of this bad habit. Hypnotherapy can help you in such a case as well. Just find the root cause behind your habit then use hypnotherapy to fix that root cause whenever possible.


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