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Brain power


How to increase your brain power

Ever wondered what is the difference between your brain and the elephant’s brain?
The elephant’s brain is almost three times the size of the human brain but still humans are far more intelligent than elephants.

So the question is, why are humans more intelligent than elephants although they have smaller brains? The answer is, because they have more connections between their brain cells.

Brain connections

Your brain cells have got numerous interconnections between them. These connections allow for super fast transfer of information between the cells and this is why the human brain is much more powerful than that of the elephant.

So we can conclude that the more brain connections you have the more intelligent you will become and the faster you will be able to think and process information. If we were to find a way to increase these brain connections then we can increase our brain abilities. But is it possible? Yes it is!!

Developing Brain connections

The more you perform complex calculations and the more you do complex tasks the more will your brain connections grow!! This means that playing Chess, learning a new skill or even playing a good play station game can help you develop more connections between your brain cells!!

What if you did more than one complex task? What if you were learning a new language in the morning and learning a new sport in the afternoon? What if you kept reading about various topics? All of these things will certainly result in increasing your brain connections.

On the other hand, if you didn’t do anything or if you didn’t learn anything new then the brain connections will become useless then deteriorate. After all you may be a very intelligent person but the problem may be with your undeveloped brain connections.

Activities that can make your brain more powerful

The following activities can make your brain more powerful and increase the brain connections between the cells in your brain.

  • 1) Study unrelated sciences: When you study history for example and something totally unrelated such as mathematics your brain can work on developing relations between those things you studied. The more sciences you study the more creative and intelligent you will become since you will be able to make connections between things that are unrelated. 
  • 2) Do a wide range of activities: Most people do a very limited number of activities and so force their brains to became less powerful. Do various sports, read books, play games, study poetry and do as many activities as you can for a better brain
  • 3) Stimulate your brain: When you keep challenging your brain its capacity to think will become greater. Keep challenging yourself with challenging activities, puzzles and games. Your brain cells are like muscles. The more you train them the more powerful they will be
  • 4) Stop using electronic devices Use your mind instead of the calculator whenever possible. Try to detect directions without GPS. The more you use your brain instead of such devices the stronger it will become and the opposite is true
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