What are beliefs?

Beliefs are ideas that you hold about different things. For example, you may believe that all women are liars or that all men cheat. Whatever idea you believe in, it will become a belief. Beliefs may be updated or even changed depending on life experiences and on new situations that you face.

What are “Personal Values”?

Freedom, honesty and faith. What do you think these words are? As you may have guessed these are examples of values. Values are the things that you value the most or the things that take precedence over other ideas or beliefs.

What does “Background” mean?

The Background is formed as a result of your life experiences and of every situation that you faced. The Background could be defined as the beliefs and values you have formed based on your past experiences.

Connecting everything together to find someone’s personality

The beliefs people form at their childhood greatly affects the decisions they take during their adulthood. Lets suppose that a person believed that all rich people are thieves in such a case if the person’s values allow him to become a thief then he will do it in case he needs money.

On the other hand if that person believes that all rich people are thieves but in the same time he values honesty then there is a very big possibility that he will never become a thief even if he needed money.

So the conclusion we can make is that people act according to their own beliefs while being limited by their own values. Two people could have the same exact beliefs yet behave completely differently because they have different values.

Beliefs, values and background

Why do you think some people smoke while others totally oppose the idea?
Why do you think committing suicide can be an option for one person and a non existent option for another person?

Simply because each of those people have their own background, values and beliefs. Based on those beliefs and values it could be possible to predict how will that person behave under certain conditions. For example, a person who has a strong religious beliefs would never consider committing suicide an option to solve problems while someone else who does not believe in God could think that suicide is the best option in some cases. have  recently released a Book  Get Your Love Back Now.,this book will  help you how  stop your break up and get your Ex back  within just a day or two even if your  situation seems hopeless, Get Your Love Back Now book is a 100% guarantee that  will help you to Get Your Love Back easily and quickly   else  you will be refunded.


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