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Angry are the all time

Why do some people lose their temper at the slightest reason?
Why do some people seem to be waiting for a trigger in order to explode?
Why do some people shout and scream at everyone whenever they do anything that bothers them?

The answer to of all of these questions is related to their past. Some people are always in the standby state waiting for others to do anything that reminds them of their past wounds in order to explode at them.

Touch me and I will explode

Sam was always bullied by his class mates when he was young, when he grew up he learned to ask for his rights assertively and he became strong so no one ever bullied him again. Even though no one bullied him again he never managed to get rid of the old wound and the result was being a bad tempered person who shouts at people whenever he senses a threat that reminds him of the old wound.

If someone told Sam “Hey you” in a way that reminded him of the people who bullied him in the past then he becomes very angry and aggressive without understanding why.

Its clear that most of Sam’s anger is not the result of people’s rudeness but its because of his old wound that was never healed.

Anger management tips

Whenever you will read about anger management tips you will find advice like “count from one to ten” or “think before you act” but unless the old wounds are treated all the anger management tips in the world will never help you control your temper.

In most cases we don’t become angry because of the situations we encounter but its because the situations we encounter remind us of old wounds from our pasts that we didn’t deal with yet.

Learn how to heal your emotional wounds and your anger management skills will be developed without any effort.

Criticism, anger and wounds

Just like anger, criticism hurts when the critical comment unconsciously reminds you of something that you dislike about yourself.

Your mind is like a big computer with many keys that can be pushed anytime. If someone pushed a button by mistake that brought up something unpleasant then you will feel angry.

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