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Do likes attract



Do likes attract

Some people claim that likes attract each other and they support their claims by lots of studies that were carried out that showed that people become attracted to those who are similar to them.

Others say that opposites attract and that a person is usually attracted to the one who has the traits that he lacks.

Which opinion is correct? and how to use such information to make someone fall in love with you?

In fact, both are correct, let me explain how.

Both are correct

Any person would like to eat food that looks familiar, after all most people won’t feel comfortable about eating something that looks strange and the same happens to relationships. People get attracted to those who are similar to them because they feel comfortable around them.

But just as people are attracted to those who have similar good traits they are also attracted to those who have the opposite traits of the ones they dislike about themselves.

An intelligent good looking woman who is shy might become attracted to an intelligent (similar) handsome (similar) and confident guy (opposite trait).

So people become attracted to good traits that are similar to the ones that they posses and become attracted to the opposites of their bad traits.

How to make someone fall in love with you?

If for example a girl is in love with her father then resembling her father’s behavior would give you a cutting edge when trying to make her love you but if she hates her father then that would have exactly the opposite effect!!

So its not about being similar or being different but its about understanding your target then providing the right mixture of similarity and differences based upon his likes and dislikes.

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